Top 50 Interesting Science Research Paper Topics to Check Out

Proper topic selection is crucial for success in college-level writing. A good research topic allows for smooth writing and objectivity in your arguments. 

Ideally, your research topic should evoke your interest, motivating you to investigate various ideas in your work. With the variety of topics in multiple fields, settling for a single topic may often prove a daunting task. 

This article will guide you in selecting good science topics and offer some controversial science topics to inspire your selection. 

How to select Science research topics

Although many students consider the writing phase as the tedious part of writing, coming up with a topic might be the most challenging part. When considering a topic for your essay:

  1. Check the existing research in your field

Existing dissertation and publications are a great start for your science research topics research. After receiving your research paper topic, run the keyword through various platforms to check for ideas that have not been exhausted.

You may opt to start off with a Wikipedia search to pinpoint the resources that are relevant to your research question. Next, gauge how often an idea has been studied and refrain from the topics that have been subject to multiple studies.

Settling for an exhausted topic limits your ideas, causing a high likelihood of plagiarism. 

  1. Consider your interests

Settling for science topics for middle school that does not pique your interest is a surefire way toward failure. An interesting topic pushes you to do more research, making the writing process more bearable. 

Also, consider checking the emerging issues in your field to determine the original ideas you can write about. Avoid going for a complex topic in a bid to ‘intimidate’ your tutor as this may cause you to get stuck or cause you to surpass your prescribed word count. 

  1. Consult your peers

Brainstorming for high school science research paper topics with friends is better than a solo approach. When discussing ideas with your friends you can get new perspectives on the topic, thus finding an A-level research paper topic.

This contribution of ideas helps you overcome personal biases, and objectively consider the relevance of a research idea. 

  1. Put the word count in mind

Often, in a bid to surprise your tutor, students take on complex earth science topics that cannot be managed in the prescribed word count. For this, you can outline your points after research, gauging the extent of your topic. 

Science topics for a research paper

Overcoming writer’s block calls for motivation to find a great topic. We thus recommend that you consult various papers and gauge some topics for inspiration in topic selection. Here we have tackled some ideas ranging from environmental science topics to topics in physical science, to help you brainstorm a research paper topic.

Controversial topics in science

  1. Facebook advertisements based on ethnicity. 
  2. Modern medicine and nanotechnology 
  3. Who is to blame if AI mistakenly kills someone? 
  4. Combating climate change using science. 
  5. Are genetically modified foods harmful? 
  6. The advantages of genetic engineering 
  7. The most effective method of destroying evidence at a crime scene. 
  8. Are humans the most aggressive creatures on the planet? 
  9. The real story regarding organ transplantation. 
  10. Should science be used to keep people alive? 
  11. Evidence of life in other worlds 
  12. We are responsible for the extinction of thousands of species. 

Science research paper topics

  1. What are the best farming practices for water-stressed areas? 
  2. What exactly is organic agriculture? 
  3. How can it be done most effectively? 
  4. How can chicken producers protect themselves from infections like bird flu? 
  5. What are some of the substances that cause allergies? 
  6. The most recent advancements in adhesive science. 
  7. What are the difficulties in developing environmentally friendly plastics? 
  8. Is stem cell therapy truly promising? 
  9. What impact will commercial space travel businesses have on the future of space exploration? 
  10. How does nanotechnology help, cancer patients? 
  11. What are the prospects for computing and artificial intelligence in the future? 
  12. The influence of self-driving cars on people’s lives 

Science topics to write about

  1. Discuss the rationale why certain people fail to take the COVID vaccine. 
  2. Provide a comprehensive examination of three mixed-breed pups. 
  3. Do you believe government leaders pay enough attention to the effects of global warming? 
  4. investigate space travel and its destiny 
  5. Examine the importance of math in engineering. 
  6. Examine the psychological origins of child abuse. 
  7. An explanation for sleeplessness and its dangers 
  8. An investigation into the factors underlying behavioral tendencies 
  9. What is the psychological function of socialization agents? 
  10. Examine the evolution of genetics 
  11. Explain how important animals are to humanity. 
  12. How does technology contribute to food security? 

The scientific topic for research papers

  1. Should we use science to bring back extinct plant species? 
  2. The discussion of drugs and alcohol in the news should be prohibited. 
  3. Cosmetic surgery should be banned. 
  4. Is it possible to avoid memory loss and dementia? 
  5. What impact will wearable medical devices have on healthcare? 
  6. Should disposable items be prohibited or restricted? 
  7. Investigate the stages of tumor progression. 
  8. How risky do you believe Blockchain is? 
  9. How well do you understand greenhouse gasses? 
  10. How tech will impact the global work sector by 2030. 
  11. Virtual reality in game development. 
  12. Concerns about cloud management and storage. 
  13. The link between obesity and heredity. 
  14. The environmental consequences of decentralized production 

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