35 Best Research Paper Topics on Technology to Write About

The quantum leap in technology is a wide-reaching phenomenon that has impacted a range of fields. Ranging from education to medicine, dating to transport, technology greatly impacts our daily lives.

As such, topics for technology research abound on the internet, presenting students with a hard choice for their essays. What should I write about technology for a research paper? This article will guide you in selecting a good research topic and offer some ideas to motivate your topic selection. 

How to select a good Technology research topic

Your research paper should show your understanding of an invention, its impact, and its challenges. It should also show your capacity to apply the concepts in solving real-words issues based on what you learn from research. 

It is thus essential to select an interesting topic for a quality research paper on technology. When going about your research paper topic selection: 

  1. Read your essay prompt thoroughly

Your essay prompt guides you on what is expected from you in an essay. Some essays may require you to compare and contrast two or more ideas while others need you to argue a specific idea. 

Also, the prompt stipulates the breadth with which you can argue your ideas, guiding you on relevant topics. Before rushing to write your essay, examine the essay prompt and highlight the trigger words and keywords on your topic.

  1. Research current issues in your field

The key phrase from your essay is a great search entry for initial research. After establishing the key essay ideas, search for various materials to gain a scope of the existing research in the field. 

Next, consult various sites to establish the emerging issues in your field. Current ideas are better as they have been subjected to less investigation, allowing you a wide range of arguments without risking plagiarism. 

  1. Gauge your interests

Your interest serves as a drive for your essay, often pushing you to go the extra mind and scratch your intellectual itch. Before selecting a topic, we recommend that you brainstorm various ideas within the topic. 

This will highlight the topics you are familiar with and ensure that the research piques your interest. 

  1. Consult available sources

Like all other academic essays, your technology research paper should make claims that are backed by scientific sources. Before settling on a topic, perform an analysis of the idea to determine if you have all the essential tools to complete your essay.

Ideally, select a topic that provides a wide range of related materials as opposed to one that has been investigated by multiple previous studies. 

  1. Talk to your tutor

Your tutor is often your repository and guide in your essay writing journey. After researching your topic, prepare an outline and consult your tutor for suggestions on the supplementary technology research questions you could investigate.

The feedback from your tutor will allow you to gauge whether you are on the right track, reducing the struggle in the advanced writing stages. 

Technology research paper topic ideas

If you are struggling with research paper topics, we hope that these ideas will help get you out of the rut.

Information technology topics for research paper

  1. Explain the evolution of genetic engineering technology. 
  2. How might insecticides aid in cancer diagnosis?  
  3. What are the limitations of the area of computer science? 
  4. How does Google influence the focus and concentration of young folks? 
  5. How useful is limitless data storage? 
  6. What impact does technology have on academic results? 
  7. How can technology drastically affect a country? 
  8. What is the operation of artificial neural networks? 
  9. Can you put your trust in anti-surveillance software? 

Research topics in Technology

  1. How can nanotechnology be used to cure HIV? 
  2. Is virtual reality beneficial or detrimental? 
  3. Describe how virtualization is affecting the entertainment
  4. The impact of free expression on social networking sites 
  5. Why it is impossible to obtain social media privacy
  6. Long-term impacts of technological reliance 
  7. Is your child spending too much time on the internet? 
  8. How engrossing are video games? 
  9. Are digital tools making people less productive or more productive? 
  10. How technology has caused individuals to become anti-social 

Technology topics for research paper

  1. How crucial is a website to a modern business? 
  2. Innovations that cut prices in the laboratory room 
  3. The implications of 5G on cancerous cells research 
  4. A comparison of cell activity observed through a light microscope 
  5. Examine the many cybersecurity challenges that have arisen. 
  6. Why is it that men dominate the area of computer science? 
  7. Why do i.t regulations vary by country?
  8. The impact of video games on problem-solving abilities 

Topic about Technology for research paper

  1. Why artificial intelligence might not be the greatest choice for our everyday life 
  2. Why is streaming becoming the most popular method of delivering church services? 
  3. Are self-driving cars safe to drive on our roads? 
  4. Which is the most significant modern tech for addressing global issues? 
  5. Should identification devices be placed under someone’s skin? 
  6. In terms of assisted reproduction, how far is “too far”? 
  7. Is it moral for a woman to carry another person’s child? 
  8. Is it ethical to use animal tissue in humans? 

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